Embark Trucks - The Road to Autonomy

Innovation is a Good Thing. Innovation is a Job Creator.

Jonny Morris, Head of Policy at Embark Trucks joins Grayson Brulte on The Road to Autonomy podcast to discuss the intersection of policy, regulation, and technology.

In this episode, Grayson and Jonny discuss the regulatory environment and the misconceptions around self-driving trucks. Jonny discusses the hurdles that need to be overcome before trucks are regularly driving autonomously on public roads around the United States.

Building upon Jonny’s background in The White House we dive into policy and discuss how self-driving trucks will create new jobs. With Embark’s transfer hub strategy, Embark is creating new jobs in the trucking industry.

The Embark model is a transfer hub model that combines the strengths of the traditional truck driver with the strengths of an automated driving system. The automated driving system does not get distracted and can drive long periods of time. When the self-driving truck arrives at an Embark transfer hub, a traditional driver takes the load for the final mile of delivery.

Innovation is a Good Thing. Innovation is a Job Creator.

– Jonny Morris, Head of Policy, Embark Trucks

Embark is solving a problem by playing to strengths of the current state of automation. Continuing the conversation, Jonny and Grayson discuss the jobs that will be created by self-driving trucks. Why the industry has historically not attracted women and the economics of self-driving trucks.

Closing out the conversation, Jonny offers his advice on Self-Driving Trucks to Democratic Presidential Nominee, Joe Biden.

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Recorded on Tuesday, August 18, 2020