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A Brave New World

Cameron Gieda, Director of Business Development, Spartan Radar joined Grayson Brulte on The Road to Autonomy podcast to discuss why 4D high resolution radar is a brave new world.

The conversation begins with Grayson and Cameron talking about surfing, sharks, and the impact Jaws had on society. The movie and the music make you think twice before getting in the water now.

Learning to kinda overcome those primal fears and other fears that were generated by media is a challenge, but it is quite cathartic when you can finally relax in that situation understanding the odds.

– Cameron Gieda

Comparing and contrasting surfing with mobility, Grayson and Cameron discuss the unique similarities between riding a wave and find a parking spot at the beach. Shifting the conversation to autonomy and when Cameron worked at AutonomouStuff, his office was stop #1 for most mobility start-ups in Silicon Valley. He shares his thoughts on the current state of autonomy.

Covid helped drive far greater adoption of autonomy in the logistical space.

– Cameron Gieda

Staying on the theme of logistics and autonomy, Grayson and Cameron discuss the global supply chain and how autonomous trucking can help shore up the global supply chain. The Port Of LA is currently experiencing a massive shortage of trucks and workers which is forcing ships to idle out at sea for days until there is the capacity to unload the cargo.

During a recent weekend at the beach, Cameron counted over 70 ships waiting to go into the Port of LA.

It’s the very beginning of our economic funnel.

– Cameron Gieda

There is a glaring need for U.S. Ports to embrace autonomous trucking as this technology will have a positive impact on the U.S. economy. To get here, though we need political leadership, however that this something that is lacking at the moment.

Shifting the conversation to radar, Cameron explains why we joined Spartan Radar and what he saw in the company’s technology.

The main reason I came to talk to Spartan was really because they look at it very differently. They take a very holistic systems engineering approach to the design.

– Cameron Gieda

Spartan radar can run on low-power ARM chips which is a competitive advantage for the company. The trend towards low-power will continue to accelerate as society begins to shift towards electric vehicles. After consumers shift to electric vehicles, they will shift to autonomous vehicles.

Radar technology will not only play an important role in the driving aspect of autonomy but also the health and wellness of passengers and drivers of SAE Level 2 and 3 vehicles.

You can use radar to monitor the heart rate of a driver. It can see through your chest and basically listen to your heart.

– Cameron Gieda

Being able to detect a heart rate will save lives. Grayson and Cameron go on to discuss all of the health and wellness benefits that radar will be able to deliver in-vehicle.

Wrapping up the conversation, Grayson, and Cameron discuss what’s next for Spartan Radar.

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Recorded on Tuesday, September 9, 2021