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A Conversation with Mike Murphy: California’s Prop 22

Mike Murphy, Political Strategist and Co-Host of Hacks on Taps joins Grayson Brulte on The Road to Autonomy podcast to discuss the political implications of California’s Prop 22 on the rideshare industry and the gig economy.

In this episode, Grayson and Mike dive deep into California politics, as Mike pulls back the curtain on how a referendum campaign is managed. While trends fashion trends might start in California, political trends also start there and spread across the globe.

With the introduction and passing of AB5 in 2019, politicians in California declared war on jobs and the gig economy. Prop 22 is on the ballot for November 2020, which would define rideshare and delivery drivers as independent contractors.

As we dive deep into policy, Mike discusses how political consultants are in the back-channel discussion business. The fine line they walk before scrambling to launch a political initiative.

The companies don’t want to do the hardball stuff because they are living under the illusion that the secret negotiations are working.

– Mike Murphy

This is why it is always a smart idea to play tough from the beginning. It saves, time, headaches, and money.

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Recorded on Monday, August 31, 2020