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Exploring Tesla’s Potential Entry Into the Rideshare Market with The Rideshare Guy

Harry Campbell aka The Rideshare Guy joined Grayson Brulte on The Road to Autonomy podcast to discuss the potential of Tesla entering the rideshare market both with human driven vehicles and autonomous vehicles.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Grayson and Harry touch on several key topics surrounding Tesla’s potential entry into the rideshare market and how those moves could affect the overall market. As Tesla explores potentially entering the market, the company’s brand appeal and the millions of vehicles already on the road give them a potential edge, especially once Tesla achieves full self-driving (FSD).

Key Topics Discussed:

  1. Robo Taxis and Rideshare Dynamics:
    • The initial hybrid model of robotaxis and human drivers, particularly with companies such as Waymo, and how this affects Uber and Lyft drivers.
    • The limitations of current AV services, such as restricted areas and less aggressive driving styles compared to human drivers.
  2. Pricing Strategies and Market Competition:
    • The variability in pricing between Uber and Lyft and the role of companies like Obi in helping consumers compare prices.
    • The potential for Tesla to enter the rideshare market, leveraging its strong brand and community of enthusiasts.
  3. Tesla’s Rideshare Potential:
    • The concept of a Tesla rideshare network, where Tesla owners could put their cars on the network when not in use.
    • The financial implications of Tesla’s subscription model, which includes charging, full self-driving (FSD), and insurance.
  4. Uber’s Strategic Moves:
    • Uber’s partnerships with AV providers and taxi companies, aiming to become the “Visa/MasterCard of mobility.”
    • The potential financial benefits of AVs for Uber, despite the high costs of AV technology and the long break-even period.
  5. Future of Bundled Services:
    • The idea of Tesla acquiring Lyft and offering bundled services, similar to Amazon Prime, to provide unlimited rides on the Tesla network.
    • The challenges and potential of creating compelling bundles in the rideshare and mobility space.

Throughout the episode, Grayson and Harry provide insightful analysis and predictions about the future of the rideshare industry, highlighting the technological advancements and strategic decisions that will shape its evolution.

Looking ahead, Harry sees two major factors shaping rideshare’s future outside of Tesla: the rollout of robotaxis, and a new generation forgoing car ownership and relying more heavily on Uber and micro-mobility options such as e-bikes. Despite challenges such as rising insurance costs, he remains optimistic about the industry’s prospects as personal car ownership potentially declines.

Episode Chapters

  • 0:00 Tesla Rideshare Market
  • 2:32 FSD 12
  • 6:44 The Hybrid Network (Human Driven Vehicles and Robotaxis)
  • 13:51 Rising Insurance Premiums
  • 19:15 Tesla Ridehail Network
  • 33:45 Economics of the Uber Platform
  • 37:02 What if Tesla Bought Lyft?
  • 43:06 Tesla Subscription Service
  • 47:14 Future of Rideshare

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