Tesla Model 3 - The Road to Autonomy

Goodbye Car Ownership, Hello Tesla Subscription Service

Tesla is set to unveil its long-awaited CyberCab robotaxi on August 8th, reigniting promises from CEO Elon Musk about an autonomous ride-sharing future. But can Tesla finally deliver on its self-driving ambitions after years of missed targets?

Pete Bigelow, Senior Reporter, Automotive News joined The Road to Autonomy Founder Grayson Brulte to discuss the pivotal make-or-break moment for Elon’s robotaxi dreams and the potential for Tesla to introduce a subscription service.

If Tesla introduces an all-inclusive subscription service that encompasses the lease payment, FSD subscription, charging and insurance into one monthly payment, it would shake up the entire auto industry.

Add in a partnership that includes a credit card rewards program and the traditional auto industry will fall further behind. They will be forced to change the way they sell their vehicles.

Then to top it off, make it autonomous and allow Tesla owners to lease it out on a network and generate revenue, game over. Tesla once again just disrupted the global auto market.


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  • 2:22 Tesla Mobility Platform
  • 5:19 Software Defined Vehicle
  • 7:01 Tesla Subscription Service

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