From Surfing to Skiing, The Future of Autonomy is Experiences - The Road to Autonomy

From Surfing to Skiing, The Future of Autonomy is Experiences

The future of autonomy will be defined by brands and experiences.

Throw out everything you think that you know about autonomy and imagine a world where the vehicle has no steering wheel or pedals Imagine a world where you could be on your phone texting the entire time in the vehicle and never having to pay attention to the road.

Imagine a world where you could stream Netflix the entire ride never once having to keep your eyes on the road after a day on the slopes. Imagine a world where you can legally drink a glass of wine or have a beer in the car legally while it’s driving.

All of this and much more is possible with autonomous vehicles. The autonomous vehicles that you see on the road today are not the vehicles of the future, they are merely just a starting point to where we are heading with autonomy.

When there is no driver and you are not legally responsible for the actions of vehicle, the car becomes a platform. When the car becomes a platform, it unlocks endless possibilities. The only thing limiting what is possible is your imagination. If you can imagine it, you can make it happen.

We imagine a world where in the future an autonomous vehicle will recommend and drive you to a great surf spot. In that same future, we imagine a world where Vail Resorts integrates an autonomous vehicle service to the overall guest experience and introduces a program called Epic Pass+.

Epic Pass+ will combine the traditional ski pass with an autonomous vehicle service. It will be a frictionless autonomous vehicle that is designed from the ground up for skiers complete with ski racks and boot warmers. The vehicle will pick you up at your location and drive you to the mountain if you are in a certain radius of the mountain. 

All of this and much more is possible with autonomy.

Watch to learn more about how we think experiences such as surfing and skiing will be complemented with bespoke autonomous vehicle services.