Navigating Policy and Labor Challenges in The Autonomy Economy - The Road to Autonomy

Navigating Policy and Labor Challenges in The Autonomy Economy

Finch Fulton, Government Affairs and Policy Advisor, K&L Gates joined Grayson Brulte on The Road to Autonomy podcast to discuss the policy and labor challenges currently facing the emerging autonomy economy.

As the development of autonomous trucks and vehicles gains momentum, it faces significant policy and labor hurdles. There are complicated policy issues that autonomous trucking and vehicle companies must navigate to ensure that autonomous trucks and vehicles can be deployed on America’s roads.

During the conversation Finch provides an insider’s perspective on the pushback against automation, autonomous trucks and autonomous vehicles under the guise of safety concerns. He highlights how overly restrictive policies could cripple innovation and America’s competitiveness, driving commerce and jobs to other countries.

The discussion also delves into the role of federal agencies like the FMCSA and NHTSA in establishing a clear regulatory framework for autonomous trucks and autonomous vehicles. Delays in key rule-makings are examined as well as what happens when nothing happens. Along with the economic impact of those non-decisions are and who ultimately benefits.

When autonomous trucks are actively hauling freight on the roads of America and autonomous vehicles are common in cities around the country, America wins. The economy becomes stronger, inflation begins to subside and the roads become safer. When this happens, the autonomous trucking will begin to usher in the autonomy economy.

Recorded on Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Episode Chapters

  • 00:15 Election Season and Policy Implications for Automation
  • 01:31 The Electric Vehicle Market and Tesla’s Influence
  • 04:58 Supply Chain Challenges and National Security Issues
  • 08:15 The Future of Autonomous Technologies and Labor
  • 20:21 Silicon Valley’s Shift Towards Defense Innovation
  • 22:35 Policy Prospects for Autonomous Vehicles in Future Administrations
  • 28:41 Decoding the Politics of Safety Regulations
  • 29:47 The Stalled Progress on Automated Vehicle Safety Standards
  • 31:36 The Impact of Rulemaking Delays on Autonomous Vehicle Safety
  • 33:05 Exploring the Role of Organized Labor in Autonomous Vehicle Regulation
  • 34:01 State vs. Federal: The Battle Over Autonomous Vehicle Legislation
  • 36:52 The Future of Autonomous Vehicle Policy and Investment
  • 44:46 Navigating the Challenges of Electrification and Autonomous Trucks
  • 50:56 A Call for Common Sense in Autonomous Vehicle Policy

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