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The MOKE Experience

Wouter Witvoet, CEO, EVT Group, joined Grayson Brulte on The Road to Autonomy podcast to discuss electrifying the iconic MOKE and reinvigorating a brand that was built around lifestyles and experiences.

The conversation begins with Wouter discussing how as the largest shareholder of MOKE International, he is planning on reinvigorating the iconic MOKE brand.

What we are effectively doing at EV Technology Group with the MOKE brand is that we take a lot of this excitement that exists around this brand, a lot of the following that is there and just creating an electric version of this that is effectively suitable for today’s age which is very much an electric age.

– Wouter Witvoet

As car brands around the world begin the process of electrifying their iconic vehicles, some brands are taking this as an opportunity to redesign the vehicle, instead of focusing on the heritage of the brand. MOKE International has made the decision to lean into the future by electrifying, all the while respecting the heritage and the design of the iconic vehicle.

When a brand electrifies a vehicle:

It always has to start where the brand left off.

– Wouter Witvoet

By taking this approach, the MOKE brand is building upon its heritage and the famous photos of Bridget Bardot driving the vehicle around Saint-Tropez. As the 2022 Season begins in Saint-Tropez, EVT will be integrating the MOKE experience into the overall Saint-Tropez experience through partnerships with villa rental operators and concierge services.

In Saint-Tropez, you are coming here for an experience. You are not coming here because you need to be in Saint-Tropez. In the same logic you drive a MOKE because you want to drive a MOKE, not because it is necessarily the best car to go from A to B. It’s about an experience.

– Wouter Witvoet

The new electric MOKE will be introduced as a subscription plan for €650 a month Saint-Tropez Season Pass and three year subscription service options. Looking to the future and enhancing the subscription service, there is a possibly that EVT will introduce a MOKE subscription plan that travels with you around the world.

It’s about just having access to an EV wherever you go.

– Wouter Witvoet

Expanding the brand from a vehicle to a lifestyle, EVT will be introducing Casa MOKE this summer in Saint-Tropez. If Casa MOKE proves to be successful, the concept will be exported to iconic locations around the world and localized to the environment.

If you have a MOKE, then something must be good in your life.

– Wouter Witvoet

As EVT looks to expand the MOKE brand into new markets, the brand will introduce region specific MOKE experiences.

Our thesis is that if you are talking about a luxury brand, you are talking about experiences. You need to launch a car on the market with a certain activity that is locally for that market.

– Wouter Witvoet

Wrapping up the conversation, Wouter discusses EVT’s strategy as the company expands their brand portfolio.

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Recorded on Tuesday, May 3, 2022