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Destination Electric Vehicle Charging

Mike Doucleff, Senior Vice President & Global Head of eMobility Division, Schneider Electric joined Grayson Brulte on The Road to Autonomy podcast to discuss destination electric vehicle charging solutions.

The conversation begins with Mike sharing his opinion on the current state of the electric vehicle industry.

We are really starting to enter the S curve of EV adoption.

– Mike Doucleff

In Q3 2022, global passenger electric vehicle sales grew 73% to 2.9 million units. For the entire year, it is estimated by Bloomberg that global EV sales were 10.3 million units. While EV sales are growing, the issue of charger reliability is also growing and it is beginning to create anxiety, which could lead to a decline in new EV sales. To overcome charging anxiety, more destination charging has to come online as it is more convenient and cost effective.

It’s 20% to 50% cheaper to charge when you have a connection to a home or a building then it is in public.

– Mike Doucleff

At the center of destination charging will be energy management solutions. Energy management solutions will become crucial as destination charging comes online at multi-family housing units and commercial buildings.

When you install an EV charger at your home or multiple chargers in your building you need to revisit the entire electrical distribution and energy management, because you are bringing new loads. You are bringing new loads to your home and you are bringing new loads to your building.

– Mike Doucleff

This is where Schneider Electric shines as they are leaning into the future of energy by providing connected energy solutions to their customers. Energy management systems will become the defacto standard in the future as energy demand is growing globally.

The future is going to be integrated with home energy management systems, it’s going to be integrated in buildings with building management systems.

– Mike Doucleff

To prepare for an all-electric future, consumers have to build awareness that electric vehicles are convenient and they do not have to be charged everyday in certain circumstances.

Wrapping up the conversation, Mike shares his thoughts on what the future of destination EV charging will look like as the technology evolves.

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Recorded on Thursday, December 8, 2022