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Autonomous Trucking’s Impact on the Drayage Market

Trucking expert Lee White joined us to share an insider’s perspective on how the drayage market dynamics could shift as autonomous trucking is commercialized. In this insightful conversation Lee discusses the current challenges in the drayage market due to rising fuel costs and the freight recession.

He goes onto explain how autonomous trucking could eventually disrupt the drayage sector by enabling more efficient terminal-to-terminal transportation for major shippers such as Amazon and Walmart. Lee envisions a future where railroads partner with or acquire autonomous trucking companies to create “digital railroads” — utilizing autonomous trucks to essentially extend their rail networks without heavy infrastructure investments.

Adding autonomous trucking capabilities to large companies operations will help to optimize their supply chains while unlocking efficiencies. This discussion with The Road to Autonomy Founder Grayson Brulte covers key topics such as the economic pressures on drayage operators from fuel surcharges and debt servicing costs, the opportunities for autonomous trucks to reduce drayage needs through direct terminal transfers, and the potential synergies between autonomous trucking and existing freight rail networks.

Episode Chapters

  • 0:00 Current State of the Drayage Market
  • 4:03 Autonomous Trucks Impact on the Drayage Market
  • 8:35 Will a Class I Railroad Buy an Autonomous Trucking Company?

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